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Payment Services

Take payments in new ways.

Having the ability to accept payments by card can vastly expand your business and give your customers peace of mind when transacting with you. We offer an all in one solution that integrates directly with your bank account so you're always paid on time. This system allows you to track invoices, take your business online and sell a little safer. We also offer invoice facilities and there are no hidden fees, just a simple 2.5% fee per transaction and a £50 set up fee. This £50 fee is included for our website customers.


Take Payments any way your customers want: 


  • Insert - Easily accept your customer’s payment by inserting their chip and pin card into your reader.*

  • Tap - Customers can pay with a tap by using a contactless card or an Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled device with NFC technology.

  • Online - Integrate payment services into your website, or let us build one for you

  • Key in - Take keyed-in payments remotely on your mobile app or on your computer by manually entering customers’ card information.

  • Invoice solutions - Request payment from customers with digital invoices. You can create, customise, and track these yourself and full training will be provided. 


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